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The government is the single largest consumer of goods and services in the United States, accounting for nearly 20 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Buying in such large volumes, it has the power to require suppliers to produce more environmentally sound products. Federal, state and local government agencies have established environmentally preferable purchasing programs.

RCA Documents

Government Purchasing: What Are We Buying with Our Tax Dollars?, Issues in Resource Conservation: Briefing Series #2.

Using Less Wood quick fact series: Government Purchasing [Get Acrobat]

How to Encourage Forest-friendly Purchasing [Get Acrobat]

RCA-News: State Dollars Impact Forests, 1.02, Green Government Efforts Rewarded & Critiqued, 8.01

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Government Purchasing Project

Other Documents

The City of Santa Monica's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Efforts: Case Study, U.S. EPA [Get Acrobat]

Environmental Purchasing Report Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center

Federal Pioneers: Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Success Stories from the Federal Government, U.S. EPA [Get Acrobat]

Federal Procurement: Better guidance and monitoring needed to assess purchases of environmentally friendly products, U.S. GAO [Get Acrobat]

Green Spending: A Case Study of Massachusetts' Environmental Purchasing Program, U.S. EPA [Get Acrobat]

Greening the Government: A Report to the President on Federal Leadership and Progress [Get Acrobat]

Government Purchasing Project contains additional documents

Leading by Example: How EPA Incorporated Environmental Features into New Buildings, U.S. EPA [Get Acrobat]

State and Local Government Pioneers: How State and Local Governments Are Implementing Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Practices, U.S. EPA [Get Acrobat]


"At the White House Copier Paper Summit", Washington Post by Todd Paglia

"Shopping for Innovation: Government as Smart Consumer, American Prospect by Ralph Nader